About Yummy House

John Zhao was born in Toishan, China, a coastal county-level city in Guangdong Province, China. As a child, John was always exposed to the culinary skills of the food and beverage business. At an early age, John moved to Belize with his family where he was exposed to all aspects of restaurants and hotel management. He was always a visionary with ideas of growth and perfection. Service was always paramount in his ideals of how to treat customers and employees alike. Those passionate ideals never left him as he embarked upon creating one of the great culinary destinations in Tampa Bay, Yummy House Restaurant on Waters Ave. Now, he and his partner and head chef, Tom, have expanded their horizons to launch Yummy House China Bistro, which pioneers their skills into East Hillsborough/ Seminole Heights, Tampa, and displays the class and elegance of a five star restaurant anywhere!


John Zhao - Owner and Head Chef Tom